New Illinois Teacher Licensing System Full of Glitches, Hitches

New Illinois Teacher Licensing System Full of Glitches, Hitches
In other cases, records show, teacher credentials were missing or incorrect, jeopardizing educators from getting jobs. One bilingual teacher couldn't show proof that he had expertise in Spanish because it didn't show up in the system. "He is going to …
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Lack of diversity in school staff concerns leaders
Morgan Woods, a black teacher at Kirkwood Elementary in Iowa City, said part of the reason districts employ few minorities may be that some minorities from low-income backgrounds are avoiding teaching jobs after completing expensive college educations …
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Hays teachers, staff receiving job cut notices
Our USD489 admin. people failed to budget correctly(7th grade sports, ect, ect) so now u may loose your job because of it. WOW! I would not be a happy camper. Another case of someone at the top failing at their duties but the “little guy”(the teacher …
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